Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eight is a lucky number

Well, in typical fashion, I'm late again... It's already 8 months in, and I'm over halfway, but I figure I'll start this anyway!

Never being one to make new year's resolutions - this one was made on a whim, and without thought to the eventual consequences. I suppose I should explain why I made this decision, and (worse) stuck to it.

I have, since a young age, felt the irresistable pull of materialism. From my primary school days - with toys, books, tazos - to my adult acquisitions of dresses, shoes, coats, underwear... I have fought hard to overcome my tendency towards buying things. I've even been an active participant of 'buy nothing day' celebrations. Yes, I felt the irony of explaining to people the perils of mindless purchasing, while having been guilty of mindless purchasing myself! So I made a new year's resolution, just like thousands of other people, to better myself.

There is also the issue of the environment. I have been a vegetarian, recycler, and a 'greenie', so it's a natural step to stop buying new things and contributing to the incredible overload of stuff we have in this world. You only have to make one trip to a factory outlet store, or any op shop, to realise that in the first world, we definitely have too much stuff.

So hopefully I can make it until the end of this year, without contributing to sweatshops or landfill clothing. Of course I am late, so I will be backtracking a lot. There's still four more months to go though...


esme and the lane way said...

Oh, I'm so glad you found my blog, and that I could find you back! Well done on the nothing-new thing, I am looking forward to hearing more of how it's going... :)

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