Sunday, August 24, 2008

A staple diet

Well, I thought I'd start my posts with something casual. This is what I wore today, and incorporates one of my best purchases ever.

blue duffle

I got this duffle coat from St Andrews Market, a hippy-dippy laid back marketplace that's held every Saturday morning amongst the trees in outer surburbia. It came from Wendy Rule, a Melbourne singer songwriter, and an acquaintance of my dear friend Susie. It actually was a little boys' jacket, and sat in my wardrobe unworn for ages until I thought to shorten it (it was originally a very awkward length - coming to mid thigh, and making a short girl like me look even shorter!) The minute I shortened it I started wearing it non-stop.


This shows the inner label; it's 'styled by' Jack Poden of Melbourne, ad is 90% wool, and is showerpoof and 21 ounces.

I also wore a waistcoat. I love this waistcoat partly because it goes with almost anything, but also because I made it! I made it out of an old pair of jeans that I owned for years and never wore. The thin denim (with a teensy bit of stretch) was awesome to sew with, and this is really the only thing I've sewn from scratch that I actually want to wear!


I look a little awkward here! I also have on a hat I got several years ago, thermals, a broderie anglaise top I've had since 2002 (I don't care what happens, I never get sick of broderie anglaise), and a wooly grandpa vest thing. Layering completely saves the day in Melbourne winters!


Here's another picture with the waistcoat, just to prove how it goes with everything!

Hopefully that wasn't too boring for a 2nd ever post... Now I'm going to drink some tea in front of the heater and snuggle with my boy.

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