Sunday, November 30, 2008

On the pier

Just a quick post tonight before this (very busy) weekend is over.

This is a story about a dress. It came to me via an op shop, but isn't vintage. It was originally from a well-known store.

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This dress surprised me, crept up on me amongst a rack of jumbled mess of other, non-dress garments. Being only $3, and sheer, it willed me to buy it - putting forward a good case of its potential as a beach cover up.

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It sat unloved for several cold, miserable months. Then when the weather warmed up, it persuaded me to try it on again, and made me love it again. 'Look at my batwing sleeves!' it said. It made me dance to some music in my living room, to prove how fluttery its sleeves really were.

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This dress has come from humble beginnings, but I'm not prejudiced. I love it anyway.

Thus ends a very, very cheesy and long winded post about the dress I wore today. I'll ask you all in advance to forgive me, I think I'm over chlorinated from my swim. Happy Sunday everyone!

Dress: Supre(!) via op shop
Slip dress: from an op shop pre-year 2000, dyed black by yours truly
Cardigan: vintage, Northcote high school market
Bangle: Sportsgirl 2007 (how chain store am I today?!)


Lux said...

lovely little dress - cute story
Poor supre' its copped such a bad wrap since the fluro t-shirt incidents....

trishhunterfinds said...

Hahahah the fluro tshirt incidents!

So true.

If I see another obese 12 year old in a video killed the radio star fluro tee I'll die!

She's right though, supre has been great in the past, especially for basics. I wouldn't have guessed that dress was from there if you hadn't have mentioned it! Its very cute

Zoƫ said...

love the dress it suits you really well!

The Paper Doll said...

This is such a beautiful dress! Great find.

Brook said...

I love pulling clothes out of storage and then finding things I bought out of season and forgot about. It's like getting something brand new out of your own closet! Anyhoo the dress is really cute!

Anonymous said...

Gosh I love this dress - It's funny how Supre has copped such a bad rep for being a trastastic paradise. One day, I will brave the scary surrounds and hunt around to see if I can uncover any hidden gems.

heartofpearl♥ said...

love this and oo the last pic is so fun! love the hair flick thing going on haha =D

thevintageyear said...

Lux: it does have a bad reputation! Thanks for the comment!

Trish: I know what you mean about those t-shirts, ugh! They do have some good things but I'm not sure I'd ever uy anything from there new, even when my year is finished!

Zoe: thank you!

The Paper Doll: thanks so much!

Brook: I'm exactly the same, I always forget about clothes I've bought!

Karen: it would be a true treasure hunt looking in Supre! There are a few gems amongst all the other stuff!

heartofpearl: thanks, lol my boy and I were being silly