Sunday, November 16, 2008

Too tied up

Well I'm back from my 9 wonderful days in New Zealand, and the concerto of snow, sleet, hail, rain, wind, and sunshine that occurred there means that I don't have many blog-worthy photos of my experience. However, although the first half of my trip was decidedly unglamourous (kayaking in a remote fiord; tramping up to a secluded alpine lake; struggling to stay warm under 5 layers of thermal clothing) the second half of the trip was spent dragging my ever-patient partner into countless op shops while driving around the southernmost end of one of the most southernmost countries. I have a huge NZ thrift store haul that pushed my check-in baggage up more than 2kg!

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny Melbourne spring day and I spent it having afternoon tea in a posh hotel bar followed by a alfresco engagement party of one of my uni friends. This is the outfit I wore during the day - for the night's party all I did was change into tuxedo-style dress pants and throw on a cardigan.

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The scarf was found crumpled in the bottom of a CBD op shop's 50 cent bin. It still had a 'Made in Italy' sticker on it. Scarves are my newfound love, I bought a few in NZ and I'm going to endeavour to incorporate them more into my outfits.

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The shoes are from a NZ op shop - a tiny one in South Dunedin. They were squashed into a giant box of smelly $1 shoes, which I approached with some trepidation. I'm glad I did because these were gems. They look virtually unworn and are adorably nerdy.

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Close up of the shoes (and our horrible carpet).

I've pretty much caught up on all your blogs today but didn't get around to commenting, for which I apologise. Will get back on track soon though, I promise.

T-shirt: thrifted Witchery from CBD op shop
Scarf: thrifted from CBD op shop
Skirt: thrifted from Northcote op shop
Shoes: thrifted from Dunedin, NZ


Missa said...

Wow, maybe unglamorous, but the first half of your trip sounds like it was pretty amazing, although all that opshopping sounds pretty amazing as well! Welcome back :)

Love the scarf and the shoes are oh so cute!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Welcome back! :) It has been weird weather here lately.

Vegan and Vintage said...

Hooray! welcome back to sunny Melbourne!

I have just awarded you with a special little something, take a look at my blog for details.

atomicliving said...

What a great idea, altho I have to say for the most part I DO try to buy not new. Tho, not all the time. This year we have decided to be utlra frugal and be more cautious of everything we are going from spending money to our carbon footprint. I like this, and I will come back and read ur past blogs. Good luck.

The Paper Doll said...

You were already here? Oooh, damn would have been great to catch up!! But welcome back to the blogosphere :) Hope you had a fab time here.

Too Many Shoes said...

I love scarves too! They bring a certain je ne sais pas and life to a simple, plain outfit.

You look lovely!

jesska said...

Well, hello :) What a great idea for a blog - I've just been perusing your amazing outfits, absolute proof there is no need to buy anything new. I'm so inspired!

thevintageyear said...

Missa: it was pretty amazing! thanks!

A cat of impossible colour: thank you! and yes it WAS weird weather... I thought Melbourne was the 4 seasons in one day city

Vegan and vintage: WOW thank you so much! What an honour!

Atomicliving: I'm sure there's lots of people who are much better at buying nothing new than I was at the start of this year... I felt myself backsliding into a worrying spiral of consumerism, that's why I embarked on this journey, and it's completely changed my perspective :) which is great.

The paper doll: I DID have a great time, I miss it so much.

Too many shoes: That is the best description of scarves EVER, it's too true! And thank you!

Jess: Hellooo! I can't believe you found me here, how embarrassing, hehe. Love your blog too, I'm going to put you on my links!

muchlove said...

what a great outfit!
I love the skirt and scarf.

thevintageyear said...

muchlove: thank you!

heartofpearl♥ said...

aw welcome back:) i thrifted 2 scarves for $1 and they both are in lovely condition :D thrifting is so satisfying. x

esme and the lane way said...

I love this – as usual. :) The skirt is great.

ana b. said...

Welcome back! It sounds like you had a good time judging by the baggage limit ;) The scarf is beautiful. And worn so jauntily!

Skye said...

Ooh - I love those shoes, definitely worth a rummage in any $1 shoe barrel, no matter how stinky and scary it may seem!

trishhunterfinds said...

Ok I love this skirt too.

Youth Studies said...

These shoes are awesome. I am an avid opshopper and my cupboard is pretty much 90% thrifted, for me its the only way to go. Its so hard for me to buy full priced clothes because I know I can get something for less than $10. Love you work! xx

amy said...