Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ode to a fan.

Melbourne bloggers are probably sick of hearing this, but it is so hot. It was 44 degrees Celsius today, which an online converter tells me is 111.2 degrees Fahrenheit. It's so hot that the poor birds are falling out of trees. It's so hot that the train lines are buckling. It's so hot that it's actually incomprehensible to do anything but sit in a darkened room. Which is basically where I've been the last few days.

Today however, I had to bake some cupcakes I had foolishly promised for a soiree we are having tomorrow. To make myself feel better about turning my kitchen into a sauna I donned the best baking outfit I could think of, comprised only of natural breathable fibres, and dug out my trusty hand held fan.

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We do have pedestal fans, but they're not very convenient for carting around with your while you're doing stuff, like baking. Blessed fan, you were only a few dollars but how I love thee.

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I also wore my fringe (or bangs) up today, which is very strange for me. I hate the way I look without a fringe, I think I look pretty stupid, but it's definitely too hot (and I'm too delirious from the oven heat) to care.

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Also here are my new favourite shoes which I thrifted the other day but haven't worn until today (on account of not having left the house, pretty much). Was so stoked when I spied these sitting on the bottom shelf at the op shop because I've been coveting this style for ages now, even had some on my watch list on ebay!

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They don't photograph well but they're lovely... and so comfy. Perfect baking shoes.

Scarf (worn as headband): thrifted from Northcote op shop
Linen blouse: 50c thrifted from Northcote op shop
Belt: vintage via my mum
Skirt: Christmas gift from my mum
Shoes: thrifted from Abbotsford op shop
Fan: Chinatown

Edited to add: apparently it actually reached 45 degrees today! Holy moly.


a cat of impossible colour said...

I heard you were having crazy temperatures over there! My friend in Adelaide said it was 44 degrees today. Holy cow. We used to get temperatures like that in Zimbabwe - the highest I've experienced is 48 - but thankfully it never gets that bad here.

A hand-held fan! Awesome.

And thanks so much again for the package, it was such a lovely surprise. :)

heartofpearl♡ said...

thanks! you should try wearing them some time its not as as i thought:) anyway love that bright blue colour on you! looks so gd for this weather :) x

oniomania said...

yay!!! your back. i love the shoes they look brand new.
sorry to hear about the heat, its not too bad here in Brisbane.

ana b. said...

Oh I don't envy you the heat. I much prefer it to cold. I remember 45 degree heat was like walking around in a sauna and using a fan was like moving more hot air around!

You look wonderful! The turquoise top is beautiful on your skin.

kirby- Skint But Stylish said...

Looking gorgeous, Lucky the heat has subsided !! amazing all you melbourne girls can still look so Glam , even in melting temps!

REread said...

baking shoes!! that's cute

Brook said...

Oh, I love those shoes! Wingtips are so much fun! That heat must be intolerable, I thought the central US was hot but WOW!

Some Like it Vintage said...

That's a very cute baking outfit! The skirt resembles a vintage apron too - I've just started collecting vintage aprons. :-)

Well, it was recently -29 celsius here in Canada, so I'm actually trying to appreciate your really hot weather!

dheyzhere said...

just find your blog..
yeah..I heard about the temperature from the news..
it was crazy, wasn't it??

But glad you still can posted sumtin..^_^

Keep Rockin'..

jesska said...

The shoes are cute! I love that you called them "baking shoes" :) I think I tend to bake barefoot...

Pretty Little Pictures said...

I love the fan and i LOVE your skirt. Its been on the news here recently about your wee heatwave, send some of it over please? That would be muchly appreciated :)

alexandra said...

so cute! xx

oniomania said...

hi ... just letting you know i gave you an award, you deserve it!

StrikeMatch said...

Your fan is so ridiculously awesome. When I heard on the radio about all the heatwaves I felt so sorry for you guys.

Even in Queensland, that would be a hot summer and we are far more used to it!

Also regarding Ebay/etsy I understand!!! I have to move soon too and am thinking about using eBay so I don't have to pay the moving people as much!

Missa said...

Oh how adorable are you baking cupcakes with your fan in your cute outfit and heels?! That heat sounds miserable but cupcakes always make everything better!

P.S. I think your hair looks cute like that, especially with the scarf :)

Pearls and Peonies said...

Wow, that's unbearable heat! I thought here in Texas summers were hot, but Melbourne definitely wins. Despite the blistering heat, you manage to look super cute! :)

thevintageyear said...

A cat of impossible colour: oh my gosh, I can't even begin to imagine 48..!

Heartofpearl: I have some but am a bit scared to try them, maybe I will tho!

Oniomania: they are almost brand new :) thanks

Ana B: thank you so much

Kirby: I sure felt a lot less put together than these pictures suggest, hehe

Reread: thanks!

Brook: Oh wingtips, that's what they are called, I was racking my brains and kept on calling them brogues. It's good to know their proper name!

Some like it vintage: oh yes vintage aprons are so fun!

Dhea: thank yoooou!

Jesska: I usually do too but I think I was so depressed about turning the oven on in the heat I just had to cheer myself up somehow... and new (old) shoes are perfect for cheering one up!

Pretty Little Pictures: I'll send some heat over if you send over some of Dunedin's prettiness... lol

Alexandra: thank you :)

Missa: thanks, I'm still not sure though!

Pearls and Peonies: thanks, and we do get rather hot but 45 degrees IS unusual!

angelina said...

the shoes are perfect...I was lucky enough to find a pair recently and can't wait for spring to come so I can wear them!