Friday, October 17, 2008

Little bow peep.

I'm working this weekend, and don't have anything to look forward to except for dinner with my parents tomorrow. So, I'll hark back to better times and post pictures from Wednesday (my most recent day off work).


This bow blouse was actually in the Port Fairy haul, but I forgot to post about it last time. It has a strange little plaid print that I really like. I think it's from the '80s, but can't be sure.



I find I have a lot of trouble putting together outfits that are 100% secondhand. Having a huge wardrobe accumulated over my lifetime (and being a hoarder, so never throwing things away) means that I tend to mix up vintage with things that I've bought new (prior to this year, of course!).

I have the most trouble with shoes. Does anyone else have this problem? I find that shoes are always either not my size, too beat up to wear, or give me the heeby jeebies when I touch them (let alone wear them!).

However, I DID manage to thrift an awesome pair of almost-new black Doc Martens in my size the other day. Having been a teen when they were cool the LAST time around (how old am I?!?) I will always have a soft spot for Docs. They are also perfect for the overseas travel I am planning, and I'm glad I didn't resort to buying boots new. More on that later!

Blouse: vintage? from Port Fairy op shop
Cardigan and jeans: gifts from my mum
Beret: gift from my man
Bag: ebay
Shoes: bought at a shop in Werribee in 2005 or 2006


heartofpearl♥ said...

oh cant wait to see you with docs:) i cant really see the blouse details but i do love it's bow! i adore bows and it looks gorgeous on you:)

a cat of impossible colour said...

I love that bow blouse! I'm searching for one at the moment.

And I agree, finding thrifted shoes is hard.

ana b. said...

I tend to hone in on the almost new pairs and wear them to death.and it helps that i have small-ish feet. but i agree, it is a pretty rare thing to come across a fantastic thrifted/vintage shoe!

thevintageyear said...

heartofpearl: I will have to figure out how to wear them without looking like it really still is the '90s!

A cat of impossible colour: oh, good luck in your search. I searched for AGES, before getting one handed down from grandma, and then all of a sudden I found a whole heap more!

Ana.b: I have small feet too! Most of the shoes are too big for me. I think more people buy average size shoes new, so there tends to be more in the op shops. Oh Well, I'll keep searching :)

Lavender said...

I love that huge floppy bow on the blouse on you.

Aimée said...

I just found your blog today and I agree I love your blouse. Like a cat of impossible colour I've been on the hunt for just the right one. I thought I found one on ebay but was outbid by a lot.

I also have to say I've had a hard time with vintage shoes. It's the same story as everyone else. Either they aren't my size or they are and are too damaged or gross looking. Good luck in finding some!

The Paper Doll said...

I love these shoes you are wearing and totally agree with you about shoes - I'm just not one hundred percent sure I like the though of putting my foot where other people have put theirs!!

Missa said...

Shoes are tough and the worst is when you find exactly what you've been dreaming of only they're too small. I hate that!

That beret is so adorable, I've been wanting one just like that and the bow peeking out is super cute :)

thevintageyear said...

lavender: aw thanks, I'm a bit obsessed with bow blouses right now.

Aimee: I love and hate ebay because of that! I hope you find the perfect one soon, I've been very lucky lately so I'll send out positive vibes into the universe for you guys!

The paper doll: I'm exactly the same.. I just try not to think about it the 1st time I wear them, then it's ok afterwards!

Missa: I have the exact opposite problem usually, I find perfect shoes that are too big!

Sarah said...

thanks for the comment! i've actually been secretively lurking your blog for a while, i think you're little clothing experiment is a great idea and i commend you for sticking with it for so long. i think if it were me i'd cheat by now - as much as i love op shopping, i also can't resist nice store packaging (terrible)!

I'm jealous of you finding some docs, been always on the lookout for a pair but haven't been successful as of yet. I'd added you to my blogroll :)

Sarah said...

(P.S I meant "your" not "you're". oops)

Mimi said...

The blouse is so sweet.

Anonymous said...

I'm another fan of the bow blouse! And I love your beret as well :)

I too have a lot of trouble thrifting shoes because my feet are so small it's impossible to find my size.

PS. I use a really crappy camera - it's a fuji finepix A820 but I do use photoshop to make the colours more vibrant or to brighten up the image, etc.

thevintageyear said...

Sarah: I thought I would have cheated by now too, it really does get easier, but I have this awful feeling I'm going to go on a massive shopping spree come 2009! Probably for shoes, heh.

Mimi: thank you

Miss Karen: thanks! Your pictures turn out great, it must just be because you're so beautiful :)

Violet Folklore ~Haunted Threads~ said...


esme and the lane way said...

Love this! The bow blouse is great!