Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Off the High Road

So on Sunday, we went to see one of my favourite bands in the whole wide world play in Northcote. It was actually quite hot so I was able to break out this sundress I've been itching to wear. This look was breezy and casual and perfect for a gig in a pub on a hot day.

I got this dress from Retrostar - a huge jacked-up-prices vintage store in Melbourne city.



(forgive the pictures, the boy thought it would look artistic taking photos through a wire fence, and couldn't be convinced otherwise)

I have mixed feelings about shops like Retrostar. On the one hand, I appreciate that it can be handy to have a bunch of wonderful vintage all in one place, and that the prices are appropriate for the time and effort taken to source the clothes. It's also instantly gratifying to find so much great stuff in one place.

The main problem I have with these stores is that I am terribly indecisive, and there's just too much to decide between (I've also been known to suffer dizzy spells in huge stores such as Savers). Also, it kind of takes away the thrill of unearthing a rare treasure.

Nonetheless, I still like going to vintage stores on occasion, especially this year when I can't buy anything from a boutique. It's nice browsing racks and racks of beautiful clothes. This dress was the first thing I ever bought from Retrostar, and I'm glad I did because I really love it, but I probaby paid a bit more than I can afford for it.

Just one more picture, because it's a bit funny, making me look like I'm in a zoo, or prison, or something!


Dress: vintage via Retrostar
Cardigan: from a store that was closing down in the city a few years ago
Shoes: given to me by my mum
Necklace: self made, from an earring
Bag: ebay


Casey said...

Love that dress--it's the perfect style on you! :)

Missa said...

That dress is really really cute! Perfect for a hot day, it's supposed to be quite warm here today too, I may have to break out a sundress as well :)

I love visiting vintage stores mostly for inspiration. I always have this feeling like paying lots of money in a vintage store is kind of like cheating or something. I need the thrill of the hunt!

The Paper Doll said...

Ooh, I love those photos!! And cute cardi. I agree about vintage stores - they have some amazing stuff but its so darn expensive now, we have a shop here which i used to love going into but since vintage has become 'cool' its too far out of my league.

thevintageyear said...

Casey: thank you! I bought it because it was so flattering :)

Missa: sundresses are the best! I love hotter weather. I get what you mean about the cheatin' feeling... but it also is just such a great feeling to be amongst so much beautiful stuff!

The Paper Doll: it's harder now vintage is 'cool'! I remember going op shopping in high school and it was sooo different!

Anonymous said...

You look so gorgeous here!

I really dislike Retrostar - I know they source their garments all from the same place, a giant warehouse centre in the states or canada or someplace like that so it kills me to think that most of the dresses were bought in bulk for like $1-$2 each.

StrikeMatch said...

I'm the same! I think it's because it's more money and I worry that I won't wear things.

Sometimes it's also because there is too much to choose from and I want it all. I just try and get what catches my eye and I love with all my heart.

Annie said...

You have a great smile, and I love the breezy dress! So summertime..

thevintageyear said...

Karen: wow, I can't believe they put such a huge mark up on the clothes! I also always feel a pang of guilt buying from non-charity secondhand shops...

Strikematch: yes I know exactly what you mean, it's very different buying lots of $2 somethings you'll never wear!

Annie: thanks so much! I'm so excited we are going into summer here in the southern hemisphere :)

Vegan and Vintage said...

Such cute photos!

Thank you so much for finding me so I could find you, I love your blog and am feeling very inspired to not buy anything new... I'm going to give myself 'till the end of the year.

I know what you mean by Retro Star, I still think it's better to shop there then say, Myer or something... And for me it still does feel like a hunt, I find a lot of the stuff there not to my liking or way too big. I don't mind paying that bit extra for something that is perfect and fits really well, It's better then driving (bad for the environment and costs a bit anyway)out to the country to find something cheaper but not as lovely.

I guess we are paying for convienience too... all the opp shops near me are crap anyway.

Hollie xx