Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So I blogged about my thrifted Doc Martens the other day, and decided I should try and wear them in before taking them overseas with me. I'm guessing getting stuck in the NZ wilderness with uncomfortable shoes would not be fun!

Building an outfit around a fashion icon from the '90s is a bit tricky, I felt as though I was harking back to my high school days.

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These photos were taken in the laneway we walk through to get to our local breakfast haunt, which I love. It's all dark wood interiors, good music and jazz music playing - and their breakfasts are simply devine.

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The cardigan was from a school fete I chanced upon last weekend - I just happened to be driving past after work and decided I'd drop in... and my goodness, it was a vintage goldmine. I bought so much stuff, and all for super cheap - I think I got about 6 or 7 items of clothing for like $1 each. I will make a post about it soon, because I think it deserves one in its own right.

Shoes: Melbourne CBD op shop
Dress: Phillip island op shop
Tights: Port Fairy op shop
Cardigan: Northcote school fete
Necklace: Drink me, Alice from 2007
Bag: ebay


Anonymous said...

what a great outfit! I swear I thought 90s fashion was so daggy about a few years ago and now I love seeing it on people - it's amazing what Nylon magazine can do to one's perceptions hehe.

a cat of impossible colour said...

You're coming to NZ? That's awesome! Don't suppose you're going to be in Christchurch?

I love the raspberry colour of the cardigan. :)

Alicia said...

You're so lucky the Docs were opshopped at least they're a little broken in -- I remember when I first got mine and they were new, they carved the worst wounds into my ankles!! The style really lends itself to thick socks which is helpful.

I also love the colour of your cardigan, great outfit! Love the necklace, too *^_^*!!

Missa said...

Aww, you look so cute in your docs! I found an awesome pair awhile back but wouldn't you know it, they were too small :(

It's interesting because I've heard a lot of people mention how they are somewhat puzzled as to how to style them now, they look great with the black tights and black floral skirt though... 90's but not dated, very nice :)

The Paper Doll said...

Wearing in Docs is tough tough work. They make your feet so sore. At least yours are second hand though, I got mine brand new and it was not good!!

thevintageyear said...

Miss Karen: '90s fashion is a bit hit and miss I think. Denim jackets with jean pants? Just no, no, no!

A cat of impossible colour: I am going to Christchurch, but will only be there for about 6 hours :( we are spending the majority of our time in the Fiordlands.

Alicia: they still need to be broken in more (as my poor feet found out after trudging around the city all day in them)

Missa: hmm when I wore this outfit the other day I really loved it, but today I'm not feeling it. Oh well!

The Paper Doll: I've never bought Docs new, the pair I had in the '90s was from a market. I still have them, they're purple :D

Anonymous said...