Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Festival on the street

So on Sunday, we walked to the High St festival in Northcote. It was a beautiful, colourful day, so I wore a great dress I found at the Brotherhood op shop in Royal Arcade (the upstairs, 'upmarket' one!) Would have loved to wear some heels with this dress too, but knew we'd be doing lots of walking.


Wasn't so sure about the dress when I first found it. It has some of my favourite things in a dress (button-down front, sweetheart neckline, pockets, piping, thick straps, and flowers) but it was still one of those pieces I looked at, walked away, then kept on going back to look at. I wasn't sure about 2 things:
1) the price ($22.50 - quite expensive for an op shop dress), and
2) the brand - Billabong, I probably normally wouldn't buy this brand!

Eventually I justified it by telling myself I buy dresses for much more than that from ebay... and regarding the brand - well, I'd never buy anything just for the brand, so I shouldn't not buy anything because of the brand either!


In the end, I'm glad I justified it.


Dress: op shop
Cardigan: from when I was little (Then - was oversized. Now - cropped and fitted)
Polkadot red shoes: bought in Singapore for me by my mum
Bag: ebay

P.S. I feel so honoured that the gorgeous Skye from Skylark and Son tagged me. Being new at blogging, I'm not sure how tagging works, but I'm sure I'll find out.

Also, I'm not sure what the blogging ettiquette is for linking people? Do I have to ask to link people, so far I have been asking, maybe someone could shed some light for me?


Fashion Hayley said...

Hey that dress is amazing, you look so good in it. I never find anything at that op shop, and the last time I went to the downstairs one it smelled so heavily of poop I had to leave. The etiquette for linking is just to link away, if people have sitemeter or google analytics on their blogs they can find out who is linking to them that way. Everyone wants to be linked pretty much so go ahead its cool.

heartofpearl♥ said...

love the way you justified yourself haha. the dress is gorgeous, im also glad you got it in the end hehe! i also dont really know how tagging and all that works but like Hayley said, i think everyone would liked to be linked! im not sure with all the blog roll blog links and followers they seem like the same thing to me LOL.. not sure!

Skye said...

Link away - most everyone loves it!

That's a lovely dress, I can't believe it's from Billabong!

StrikeMatch said...

Such a gorgeous find, I know what you mean about feeling odd about buying certain brands.

I agree with Fashion Hayley - linking is just sort of saying 'I like what you're doing'

thevintageyear said...

fashion hayley: I know what you mean about that smell! It's like tonnes of air freshener trying to cover up some other ambiguous smell... cool I'll go ahead and start linking!

heartofpearl: yeah I'm still working out all the gadgetry of blogging!

skye: who would have thought Billabong would make such a cute dress?!

Strikematch: I guess I should start growing my links list then, cause I like what a LOT of other bloggers are doing! :)

IRIS and PIETER said...

this outfit is so lovely!
the red is so cute.
you're gorgeously sweet (: