Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just a quick one

Not a lot to say today, as I am working all weekend and there's not much time for much else.


Here's an outfit I wore yesterday - a vintage dress I've had laying around for months in my (humungous) scrap-pile, waiting to be shortened - I finally did it the other day. A scarf I got several years ago from an op shop near my parents' house. My sister's old grey school tights, and shoes from ebay. It was so warm out I didn't need a jacket... This made me incredibly happy.



Missa said...

Thanks for your comment :)
This is such a wonderful blog premise and your style is adorable!

Linking you as well :)

p.s. I really like that little scarf with this outfit, so cute!

a cat of impossible colour said...

I love the buttons on the shoulder!

thevintageyear said...

Thank you both!

Miss Karen said...

Hello! Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, I think yours is a lovely read! :D

This outfit is so wonderful - the shoes are so cute!

esme and the lane way said...

I LOVE the dress, beautiful!

heartofpearl♥ said...

how adorable:D really like this grey/blue shade you have going on! i also have a PILE of clothes i need to alter. i know i can do it....... its just troublesome and im so lazy hehe! im not too good with altering hehe!

The Paper Doll said...

Cute shoes, and I love the greys you have going on here. I'm gonna link you from my blog :)

thevintageyear said...

Miss Karen, thank you!

Esme - that means a lot, coming from you, because you have such a lot of lovely dresses :)

heartofpearl - I know what you mean, my pile just keeps growing bigger and bigger. Then it becomes so overwhelming I don't even know where to start!

The Paper Doll - thank you! I've linked you too

Anonymous said...

i love the pic of u in those tights n shoes sexy feet n the shhos look so kool n the tights look so sexy on ur feet