Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Up in the mountains

Last weekend, we took a drive up to the Dandenong ranges. It's less than an hours drive from the city, but could not be further away in appearance. The moment you turn off the highway, the scenery changes from drab suburbia into breathtaking, winding mountain roads. Driving amongst the trees, amongst the dappled sunlight, it's such a magical place.

The mountains are always a few degrees cooler than Melbourne city, so I dressed up warm, even though the sun was shining above the canopy.


Shirtdress: Smith St op shop from earlier this year
Coat: Kinki Gerlinki from 2005
Tights: Sportsgirl from 2007
Shoes: ebay
Hat: this year's anniversary gift from my man


esme and the lane way said...

Love your outfit, and those finds below are absolutely amazing!

StrikeMatch said...

This is such a cool idea for a blog, the beret is adorable and I love your patterned tights!

Skye said...

Look at all those wonderful finds - I think you'll have a very good year, because you're clearly a champion op-shopper!

heartofpearl♥ said...

thankyou for visitng and commenting on my blog! you're absolutely welcome to link me! thankyou:D i'll link you too. I just find it amazing that you're not buying anything new for a whole year. i hope you achieve this goal!! it would be amazingly hard!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Gorgeous dress - and it looks so versatile, too.

I love the goal and idea of your blog! A really admirable one. :) Care to exchange links, lovely lady?

Andrea xx

Keshe said...

Esme: thank you, they are amazing. I love country op shops.

Strikematch: patterned tights are great, I always feel a bit silly wearing them so I'm glad that some people actually do like them!

Skye: thank you Skye, I think you're clearely the champion op shopper, what with your 50c finds

Heartofpearl: it was really hard to begin with but it's getting easier as the year goes by. I couldn't have started writing this blog in the 1st 1/2 of this yr - I was far too distracted by not giving into temptation, and wouldn't even dare to look at fashion blogs, haha :)

Acatofimpossiblecolour: I would be honoured to exchange links with such a stylish person such as you! xo

Anonymous said...

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