Monday, September 15, 2008

Port Fairy finds

I never realised just how long it takes to take decent pictures of clothes, resize them, upload them and post them. I can't begin to imagine how much work it takes to run an online vintage clothing store!

Finally I get around to posting the Port Fairy loot...

Red dress, I love this lace collar. A bit long, it will need hemming.


Blue dress, I put this one back the first time because my boyfriend didn't like it, but I went back and got it the day after. I'm glad I did, because it fits so well and doesn't even need to be shortened.


My favourite dress - this one was more pricey but I just love the palm trees. Also a bit long, but should be a cinch to shorten.


Blouses - Pt Fairy was pussy bow galore... there were about a squillion pussy bow blouses to choose from. My favourite is still my grandma's (not in this post) that was handed down to me through my mum (I'll show that on here one day) but these are good too.

Floral shirt - I envision wearing this one with high waisted 70's jeans and a long sleeveless cream knitted cardigan with wooden buttons. I just have to find these things first!


Polka dot pussy bow (I look so weird in this picture!)


Blue silky pussy bow


T bar shoes. I have been searching high and low for T bar heels. Not exactly the colour I would have chosen but you can't be picky with thrift finds now can you. Worn with one of the (new, still in packaging) thrifted pairs of tights.


There was other stuff too - navy 70's boots, a vintage black and silver Kodak camera, stockings, and the floral tapestry bag I showed here last week. I also bought the boy a tweed jacket with leather elbow patches for $6.

I also suffered some great disappointments. Namely, finding one gorgeous brown lace up ankle boot and being unable to locate its pair (I searched so hard!). Also, a whole range of gorgeous vintage granny shoes (woven! t bar! in various shades of pastel!) that unfortunately, at a ladies' size 4, were way to small even for me.


Rachael said...

Love the t-bar heels and that awesome palm tree dress!

Anonymous said...

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